As petrol & diesel prices increase, check your driving habits & drive more efficiently: avoid sharp acceleration and braking, keep well within the speed limits, check tyre pressures etc. Car-share whenever possible, walk or cycle instead of using the car for short journeys.

If you use a mobile phone charger, switch it off at the wall when not in use: 95% of the energy used by chargers is wasted.

26 million trees are cut down each year to be made into Sunday newspapers which are getting heavier and heavier. Do you really read all those supplements?

Households use 70% more water than they did 30 years ago – flushing the toilet is the main culprit. Get a “hippo” for your cistern, buy a “half flush” cistern, or share a flush!

Turn heating down in rooms that are not in use, ideally to the "frost" setting on the radiator thermostat, and keep the doors closed in warmed rooms to keep the heat in.

Plasma screen TVs guzzle energy, costing 3 to 4 as much to run as a traditional TV and significantly more than an LCD one. If you’re planning to buy a new TV check out its energy rating. And do you REALLY need a 42" or 50" one?

Switch to washing laundry at 30 degrees C and save up to 40% of the energy you’d normally use for each load. Use the eco settings on your dishwasher and only run it when it’s full.

Shower more! Baths use about 80 litres of water while showers use 20 to 40 litres (no longer than 3 minutes please!), but power showers use almost as much as a bath.

Have you got any old and unused duvets, eiderdowns or spare loft insulation? Then why not remove the panel on the bath and stuff them underneath to provide insulation. It will slow the rate at which the water cools and let you luxuriate that little bit longer in your (OCCASIONAL!) bath!

Close your curtains at dusk to reduce heat loss through the windows. Lined curtains are best and thick ones are almost as good as double glazing.

Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible and get a solar-powered charger. Alternatively, try a wind-up torch and radio to save on batteries.