What can we do to keep the Earth’s temperature at a safe level?

  • Carbon dioxide is the main cause of climate change by acting as a blanket around the Earth, and we know that mankind is making more and more carbon dioxide. Its level will decrease only slowly when we stop pumping it into aour planet's atmosphere, so the Earth will continue to get warmer for some time.
  • By how much must we cut down the amount of carbon dioxide we make? How much must we cut down the amount of fossil fuel we burn? Scientists agree that huge changes are needed but find it hard to be certain of the best way to stop poisoning the planet.
  • Ensuring a decent future for mankind will depend on what each of us does to reduce our use of energy from fossil fuels and on whether our leaders and politicians, national and international, work effectively together to achieve change on an international scale.
  • We must get our energy from other sources other than fossil fuel. We need to change and develop wind, wave, nuclear and hydroelectric, cleaner sources of energy. We need to use what energy we have more efficiently by using more energy efficient buildings and methods of transport. As a temporary measure gas may substitute for the more damaging coal.
  • We all depend on the health of our planet. We must work together to look after it. The longer we delay making needed or sufficient changes, the harder it will be for all of us later.
  • Above all we need to admit to ourselves the importance of facing and tackling the difficulties ahead. We need to work together and support one another at an International and National level, as well as in our daily lives at a local and personal level. A lot is being done. A lot more can be done. This will be discussed in the next issue.

Clyde Mitchell, Chairman SusKes

Main source: ‘The Burning Question’ by Mike Burners-Lee & Duncan Clark

November 2013