So last year was the hottest on record. Despite last year’s high temperatures the Earth’s surface temperature seems to have risen more slowly in the early years of the 21st century than at the end of the 20th century. But don’t let this fool you. Global warming is continuing apace and the World’s experts warn us that this is due to our continued burning of fossil fuels. The Argo buoys in the sea show that the ocean heat content is rising faster than ever at depths down to 1500 metres. It is thought that this speed-up accounts for the recent slow-down in the surface temperature rise since this heat cannot warm the surface of the Earth. About ten times as much heat goes into the oceans than warms the atmosphere. So the heat stored at depths between the surface and 1500 metres is waiting to reappear at some future date.

Another indication that we are storing up problems by our continued use of fossil fuels is the increasing ocean acidification. Carbon dioxide becomes acidic when it dissolves in water. The rising level of this gas in the atmosphere due to fossil fuel use contributes to the ocean acid content as large amounts of it dissolve there. Biologists think that this will have serious consequences for future fish stocks. A further indication of future problems is the rise in the sea level which continues apace. If we continue our unfettered use of fossil fuels the sea level could rise by up to 1 metre by the end of the 21st century. This will be bad news for all our low lying cities such as London and New York.

It is clear that we must decrease our reliance on fossil fuels to avoid future problems. Some will deny all this but this is the story from the World’s experts. If the “doctor” tells you that you are ill is it wise to deny it? Denial of climate change is a present-day luxury that will be paid for by future generations.

Kesmail, March 2015